Letting in the cat cycling jerseys


OK – so we looked at cartoon cats recently, but they aren’t the only cat cycling jerseys on the block. Not that there are many. I guess cat people don’t bike?

Add to that the fact that we’ve got a bevy of black cats going here. Does that let you throw bad luck at other bikers on the trail? 🙂

The first two here are retro poster designs reimagined on jerseys. The first with the Black Cat Fireworks poster comes in men’s cuts, the second with the Chat Noir art poster in women’s.

The other three I found feature kind of modern, very long-necked cats. The one from Alien SportsWear is pretty cool and modern with the words “The Cat Team” across the bottom.

The blue WENSI is a design I remember seeing from Primal Wear. Given that this one comes from China, I’m going to guess knock-off. But the Primal Wear one is kind of out of commission, that probably explains that.

SprintDesign clocks in with another sleek guy, black on the body, white on the sleeves. They kind of remind me of the Siamese cats from Lady and The Tramp. Probably the best example of a straight cat cycling jersey you’ll find.

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