Eh? Let’s do a little Canada cycling

canbikehighlight3It finally has gotten cold here in Dallas. (Should last a week or so.) Which of course has me thinking about cycling in cold places. Like Canada.

If that’s your home or you just have an affinity for our neighbor to the north, you’re in luck when it comes to cycling gear. Sheesh, but there’s a lot of it! Surprisingly, though, none that celebrates the landscape or other elements. Mostly, you get the flag or at least red and white. There is one that features a moose (yea!) but that’s it. Tons and tons and tons of maple leaves instead. At least you don’t have to rake any of them!

Canadian Flag Cycling Jerseys

The Canadian flag is a fairly simple affair – red and white down the sides, white field in the middle with a red maple leaf. But that simple design has gotten a lot of artistic treatments in the bike jerseys I tracked down. Nice because you don’t have to go with a look that’s as simple as the flag itself.

Canada Flag Cycling GearCanada Cycling GearCanada Art Cycling Gear

Canada Cycling Jerseys

This is where I kind of thought we’d see some landscape-y type looks. But, instead, we have a lot more red and white. And maple leaves.

(It’s worth noting that you get a bit more variety with the designs for the individual provinces. I’ll have those soon.)

Of these, I definitely prefer the Canada Eh? with the moose (not available anymore). If only just for being different and having a bit of a sense of humor.

Canada Team Cycling Jerseys

It was amazingly difficult to track down these team jerseys, which are always made by Louis Garneau. The one for 2013 was barely available anywhere except for their store. I’m not entirely sure where the blue is being pulled from, but I do like it if only for a change of pace.

Canada Cycling Accessories

Why, yes, you can get small versions of the Canadian flag. And in lots of different ways. Note that I have one design of headband/buff in the pictures, but the other ScudoPro designs at the top also have coordinating head scarf thingies.

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