Gear that celebrates Arizona cycling fun


Grab your bike and hit the desert and mountain trails! It’s Arizona cycling gear featuring the gorgeous landscapes or primary-colored flag of the state. None of the designs I found were specifically mountain bike jerseys, although I do think of cycling in Arizona as being far more off-road than in other places. Interesting.

Landscape Arizona Cycling Jerseys

If you think Arizona and you think desert, you’re only partly right. Yes there’s plenty of sand and those Joshua tree cacti, but also lots of mountains and valleys. If you can call the Grand Canyon just a valley!

The landscape does provide quite a bit of variety and the three designs based on it are varied as well. The two from Free Spirit are similar and different at the same time. The dark blue is cut for the guys with a gila monster in (slow) pursuit of the cyclist up the path heading toward the peaks in the distance. (It also comes in a long sleeve version, BTW.) The brighter blue for women shows the same landscape under a more sunrise coloration with tons of beautiful wildflowers. Designs for both repeat on the back.

And then we have the very uncolorful Grand Canyon design from SPEG showing off the gorgeous red rock peaks of the area and a distressed seal design.

Flag-Inspired Arizona Cycling Jerseys

The Arizona flag is a riot of primary colors – red, yellow and blue with a yellow-orange star. This next set of jerseys mimic the flag or use it as part of the design.

Canari Cyclewear and SPEG got with designs pretty much taken exactly from the flag design. The My Heart design gets a wee bit creative, changing the start to a heart and bracketing the whole thing in the state shape. Also looks like a much darker blue and a repeat of the rays on the sleeve. The ScudoPro design is part of their state line, with the flag inside a circle with a little bit of distressing to the overall image.

Canari Cyclewear 2013 Men's Souvenir Arizona Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey - 12105

Arizona Cycling Socks

We’re sticking with the flag on the Arizona socks I found, although the SOS design does toss in a few cacti with a touch of landscape. Canari puts the star on the back of the sock, while SockGuy puts it on the side. (I found these listed twice at one point, with one pair showing blue and the other showing black and is the image currently on the SockGuy website. Both are 3″ crew socks with “Grand Canyon State” written on the bottom.

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