Take two: skull cycling helmets for kids

We looked at fits for adults a couple of weeks ago, so today we’re on to skull cycling helmets for kids. Way more options for the littler ones, as well as some pretty cool designs. (Even one that isn’t a human skull, so yay!)

Dark and Grisly

Even if these are for kids, they’re still skulls, after all. So no surprise there are a bunch that look like they belong on a biker gang of a different sort. Lots of warrior intense and pretty realistic images going on here. A small bit of color on a couple, but for the most part, we’re looking at black and white for your color choices.

skull cycling helmets for kids skull cycling helmets for kids
skull cycling helmets for kids

Bright Colors

You need shades for a few of these! Tons of bright colors to break up the black and white. We’ve got lightening bolts, guitars and stars as other design elements.

The second one here, by Raskullz, is just one of four or five you’ll find from them with skulls. You’ll get tons of choices when you order (even a pink one with a cute zebra), all with mohawks and various designs.

Mongoose Child's Skull Bike Helmet


And then, we have the unique and crazy. (As if the mohawks above weren’t unique and crazy enough, right?)

The two here are essentially the same helmet; the second one just glows in the dark. They’re from Crazy (surprise) and called Wild Skull.

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