Turn your helmet into a stylish hat with these helmet covers

I’m fascinated by the many ways people find to make a helmet stylish. Or  more functional in some cases.

These helmet covers I tracked down are just a couple of examples of what’s out there. Note that there are a lot of helmets out there with fabric covers and brims that might look like these, but I was looking for a separate piece altogether so you can have the hat part or not. And definitely looking for hat-like covers rather than the ones that look like you’ve added a nylon bag to your head. Although, those are easily used or found for just about any helmet. You’ll find the covers below tend to only work with the one specific helmet the company produces.

BTW, not only do the round helmets look less geeky to some people, they are actually better in a crash because there are no sharp edges to get caught and cause the helmet to turn. Adding a cover diminishes the safety a wee bit, but that’s just a risk balance for you – rain on your glasses or sunburn on your nose might be more risky in the long run.

Most of these are specially designed to go with a helmet also produced by the company. In fact, I really only found one that was supposed to work with any standard bike helmet. That’s not to say you couldn’t try to use one of these covers with a different helmet. Just that you possibly won’t get the same snug fit you see in the pictures. (And with  mine having all the pointy bits sticking out the back, I might be out of luck.)

YAKKAY Helmet Covers

This is what you’re seeing in the picture at the top. Or at least one of the styles you can get.

The YAKKAY covers come in two styles – fedora and military cap – and a range of colors designed to match the colors of the helmets. (Which have matching strap colors even!) Oh, not to forget there is one white fur style that I’d love to see someone pull off. The fedora style has a brim that can flip up or down.

You do have to use their helmet, which is tested and certified for safety. It runs you €69 and comes in several different colors. Along with the safety factors, this company has also won a lot of awards for design and quality. A complete package!

I’ve got pictures here of two of my favorites in the different styles – the Paris Army Velvet military cap and the Tokyo Pin Stripe for the fedora. The covers run from €40-€53, with a couple on sale right now for €20. You will be able to see the straps so keep that in mind when you pick the different components. First ran across these over at Bike Pretty in a post about stylish helmets for spring. (Several choices, all in the kind of round urban style. Also mentions two of the others I found below.)

It’s worth noting that you can find these on Amazon as well. Pricing is comparable – listed in US dollars – and there are some different design options. Only choice is a black helmet when bought with the cover. Check it out separately to get the other color options.

Casqu’en Ville

This company offers a wider range of styles than the previous, but they’re still in the “only fits our helmet” category.

The Casqu’en Ville helmet comes in black and carbon fiber and runs €65. The covers range from twill to vinyl to fur and run in the €30-€35 range.

(Just a note before you go over and start browsing. This isn’t the most customer friendly site, so be prepared to click many, many times to get to find any information.) This is a French company and, as best as I can tell, they ship to France, but you can make a request to have it sent overseas. I tried to pick a little variety in the pictures, which show the cap, fuzzy warm winter hat and a sun hat style. I might have to spring for the winter one to try it out!

Band Box

The Band Box brand was also mentioned in the article, but I had a lot more “ummmm, no” reactions going through their catalog. (I realize it could be that they need more professional pictures to showcase these things.)

They have a ton of different styles and designs – again that only work with their helmet – from big Panama sun hats to newboy caps. And many of them come in four or five different colors, which just adds to the great variety. It’s got to be the helmet underneath a bit, but everything just looks too tall and sits high on the head making the hat look just a bit off to me. That said, some of the concepts as far as styles go are nice and variety is always good. A few of these looked better from the front than the side where you could see just how tall everything was.

Fabrics range from straw to tweed to wool to leather. Their helmet runs $60 and comes in black (which wouldn’t be seen under a cover) and a choice of harness to match your hair color. The covers range from $40 to $78.


Rockin Noggins

At last! Covers that look good, are reasonably priced and work with any standard bike helmet! (So why did I wait until the end?)

Rockin Noggins is out of Seattle and covers all the seasons with lightweight, heavyweight and water resistant styles for women, men and juniors. Their styles include a cap, cap with ears and bucket. Also check out the flowers and bows you can buy separately to dress up your noggin.

Because they fit “any” helmet, these guys stay on courtesy of Velcro rather than precise fit. Basically, you attach one half of the Velcro to your helmet and match it up to the Velcro on the hat. The site says it’s removeable for when you don’t want to wear the cover, but I’d think the sticky would wear off/diminish if you did that often.

Covers run in the $25-$36 range. Couldn’t find any information on the site about shipping and the number of retailers carrying them is pretty slim at this point.

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