Here kitty, kitty – cat cycling accessories


I’ve taken you through a group of cat cycling jerseys, but at the same time, I kept running across cat cycling accessories. Tons of them. Tons and tons. So they had to be broken out into their own post.

Cat Cycling Helmets

Be prepared for a lot of pink here. A lot of pink.

It’s fairly evident manufacturers think of cats as being for girls. I mean, really. The Cutie Cat helmet – the first one – the little cat on the top looks like she’s wearing a tutu. Can you say girly?

A note about the Pillow Pet one. The description seems to only talk about the helmet, but not the pet part. So, reference to the holes that allow air to flow through appear to be incorrect/irrelevant here as the cover obviously blocks any air flow. And I don’t see anything about whether the plush part is removable, which would be awesome for washing if nothing else. Good option for winter, for sure.

Oh, and just a peeve of mine, but the cheetah one – those are leopard spots, not cheetah.

Cat Bike Horns and Bells

I thought there would be more options here. Well, I suppose there are if you count all the flat bells that just have different pictures stuck on them. (Bo-o-o-ring.) Instead, let’s go with cute cat shapes and designs.

The first one is a rubber squeaky horn, so fun noise, but maybe not up there as far as safety goes. Although, I will admit my dog’s squeaky toys can really make some noise. The other two involve bells.

Cat Cycling Socks

And just to round things out, some cute cat socks. Again, really surprised by how few options I was able to track down here. You’d think this would be a popular theme, but not so much.

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