Bony fingers in these skeleton cycling gloves

Think you have bony hands? Well, you can for real with these cool skeleton cycling gloves I found.

I was checking out different skeleton options – planning to have some jerseys in the next week or so to show you – and just found the idea of bone gloves really cool. They’re fairly trendy off the bike, but as a small accessory, are a cool idea to add to your cycling wardrobe.

Half-Finger Gloves

Maybe it’s just because I’m freezing at the moment and thinking about winter gloves and Halloween, but fingerless gloves weren’t what I expected to find. But a couple of pairs are out there, on from FOME, that look like a knitted fabric in the picture and the ones from SPAKCT with the 3D look.

Full Gloves

Now, here’s more what I was looking for. Full-fingered gloves work a little better for showing off all those metatarsuls, right?

There’s a range here in terms of protection, warmth, design. The Skeleton Hand Knit Gloves Mechanics Work Biker OSFM have a nice nubby rubber texture on the palm side, but not much padding it looks like. The Bicycle Gloves Skeleton Pattern Full Finger Warm Bike Sports Gloves Black + White definitely look more for colder weather. The last two are the full-fingered versions of the two sets above, on from FOME and one from SPAKCT.

SPAKCT Fashion Designed Breathable Velcro Full-Finger Gloves-Skeleton

Colored Bones

Not sure whether I expected to see colored bones, but it’s a cool idea for sure. The green ones are the same as the first white ones above, just in green. The yellow ones are by NORTHWAVE in yellow flouresent and I found them overseas at Bob Bike Shop for 44,95 EUR. Oh, they also come in white if you prefer.

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