France cycling accessories


We looked at French flag cycling jerseys some time back, so now it’s time to turn our attention to some France cycling accessories. All the red, white and blue you could want, in gear you can wear or put on your bike.

While one of these has the country crest, most use the fleur de lis as a design element along with the flag stripes.

Gear for You

So, France cycling accessories you can wear run quite the gamut. Although I wasn’t able to track down socks. What’s up with that? We’ve got caps, lots of warmers and even a pair of gloves. The 2013 Championship cycling cap features the crest on one side and says France Team across the top of the bill. Almost all of these use the word “team” on them, although I can’t vouch for how officially team-like they are.

Kooplus2013 Championship France Sports Outdoor Cycling Cap(Size Average)KOOPLUS - French National Team PolyesterLycra BlackBlue Cycling Shoes Cover

For Your Bike

You can deck your bike out as well with France cycling accessories. We’re talking almost everything for a bike, from necessities like a chain or tires, as well as decorative items like tire stem valves. I even found a water bottle (a good one) that’s striped like the flag.

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