I know you care more about whether you can find a specific type of design than you do about me, so I’ll keep this short. (For me!)

Basically, I’m just someone who likes fun design and happened to discover that there is just a ton of it to be found in cycling gear. I had a boss who was lamenting his inability to find a specific design of cycling jersey (so many years ago, I don’t even remember what it was he wanted). I was kind of surprised to hear you could even get that. As a non-cyclist at the time, I pretty much thought you could get solid or team gear and that would be it.

Being a research nut, I started poking around to see if I could find it for him and discovered a whole new world. At the time, the line of Sesame Street shirts was still available, along with the cereal brands and the heavy metal stuff had just been released. The more I looked, the more fun stuff I saw and I realized there was no way people could know about all the options they can get. A few pages over at Squidoo were born and after many years, I realized I needed to consolidate into a single site to make it easier to manage.

So that’s what this is – a single place for you to be able to find the most fun, cool, funky, unique and colorful gear out there. Could be jerseys, could be socks, could be helmets – whatever I run across that I think is just fun. Which tends to mean something I would actually wear myself since I don’t do “normal” much.

Good luck on your search for a distinct look out on the roads and trails! And let me know if I can help you track down anything specific.


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