Hell of the North – Paris-Roubaix


If you aren’t into cycling competitions, you might have never heard of the Paris–Roubaix road race. It’s just one day, starting north of Paris and ending over on the border with Belgium. It’s been around since 1896 – whoa! – making it one of the oldest races out there. So why is it called Hell of […]

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Valenti Cycling Art


Hmmm. Not sure, but it is it still gear if it’s art? Definitely novel, so we’re going for it! I dearly love the art of Michael Valenti. The warped proportions and perspectives just make for some pretty cool artwork. (I only feel like my legs are that huge after a busy summer of cycling 12 […]

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buXsbaum Cycling Tees


Being a design geek, I love the super simple lines of a good icon. It’s a lot to communicate in a tiny space and it has to be really clear. These aren’t exactly tiny. OK, not tiny at all – they take up the entire space of your chest – but the cycling icons on […]

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Primal Wear tees for style off the bike


Primal Wear is a fairly prominent brand name in cycling gear, especially with novelty stuff like I feature on this site. They have some of the big band and beer names among the items they produce, as well as just some super cool designs. So let’s see what they have to offer by way of […]

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Tour de France t-shirts


The Tour De France ends this weekend, and someone will be coming home with a nice souvenir. If you’ve been following closely on TV or biking sites, you can still look like you were there with one of these cool Tour de France t-shirts. 2014 Specific Shirts So this particular group is pretty specific to […]

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Life is Crap


Sometimes life is good. But things happen and that’s when life is crap. And the guys who do the Life Is Crap shirts have turned their sense of humor on the biking world as well. Not very many, but they are just oh, oh, too real. These first two can be found over in the Life […]

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Life is good when you ride a bike


You ride. You know. Life is good. That’s typically what I’m thinking on those days I’m out on a ride and the sun’s shining and the temperature’s just perfect. Everything’s green and lovely and yes – life is good. So, it’s perfectly appropriate for cyclists to don one of these Life Is Good shirts celebrating […]

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Apres Velo shirts have a bike sense of humor


There’s a great combination of bike humor and great design to be found on Apres Velo shirts. The focus of the designs are bikes and bike parts, while the text plays off words like tyre and cog for inside jokes. All of which definitely makes these among by favorites for bike tees. (Apres Velo pulls […]

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Have a heart cycling for Valentine’s Day


Some of us got into cycling as a way to make our hearts stronger and our bodies healthier. And because it’s just fun and a nice way to get outside. But with Valentine’s coming up, how about some heart cycling gear as well? As you might expect, the only jerseys I could find were for […]

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Winding up Clockwork Gears cycling t-shirts


If you’re like me, you live your life in t-shirts. (Well, OK, I live my life in pajamas. Well, 50% in pajamas, 10% in cycling gear and the other 40% in t-shirts to be very, very precise.) Which led me to start looking at bike-themed tees. And since we’re after the fun and unique and […]

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