Arrr! There be pirate cycling here!


Arrrrr!!! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day and we’re celebratin’ with a bunch o’ pirate cycling gear. (And that’s as much talking like a pirate I’m going to try to do. Want you to be able to understand me!) There are some great interpretations of pirate motifs to be had if that’s the cycling look […]

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Fooling around with monkey cycling gear


Ready for some crazy monkey fun? As little as there is, any way. I’m a bit surprised how thin the selection is for monkey cycling stuff. But I did find a few items, mostly jerseys and socks. And just to warn you up front, kids get most of the love here. Monkey Cycling Jerseys The […]

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Junk food socks for hungry cyclists


We’re in the middle of a two-week motorcycle trip, which means lots and lots of eating out. And lots of quick eating out. Which means I have junk food on the brain right now, big time. (I am also seriously going to need to get back on the bike when we get home!) So I’m […]

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Pull on a pint with beer cycling socks


Beer Cycling Socks Show off your big love for beer in a small way with these beer cycling socks I’ve tracked down. Some are unique examples of beer love, others go with a logical picture of a pint. Oh, and not to forget them at all, but I even have links to some for a […]

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