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University of Iowa Hawkeyes Cycling Gear

Hit the road for some sports fan biking You a University of Iowa grad? Or just a big fan of the Hawkeyes? Well, you’re in luck if you’re also into cycling. Iowa is one of the few schools that has a full complement of bike apparel from head to toe. Not many choices from head…


Boo! Time for Halloween socks

It’s that time of year again. When you might want to see ghosts and ghouls and goblins about. Especially on your cycling gear. Whether you’re riding in a holiday event or just want a little fun, one quick, easy and inexpensive way to do so is with Halloween socks. Get a couple of pairs, even,…


Texas Tech University Red Raiders Cycling Gear

Show your Red Raider cycling pride Red Raider fan or Texas Tech alumnus? (Or maybe red is just your color.) Either way, you can show your school pride with some Texas Tech University cycling gear. As part of Adrenaline’s line of jerseys, you can get a short-sleeved Red Raiders cycling jersey or a long-sleeved mountain…

All hail the Lion of Flanders!

OK, I will again fess up to American ignorance of many things European. I’ve seen the lion so many times on various English banners that I thought the Lion of Flanders was just another version. I know. Stupid. I know Flanders isn’t English. Anyway, there are connections between the lions (and you should check out…



Scoping out Scotland cycling gear

Let’s see here. We’ve done England and Wales and Ireland* and Great Britain** as a whole. So our last stop around the island looks to be Scotland cycling gear. The Saltire is the blue and white X and is the proper flag for individuals to show their loyalty and Scottish nationality. There’s also the Royal…


Looking hip with mustache cycling gear

I’ve been playing with mustache decor over on another blog and thought I should take a poke around to see what you can get in cycling gear as well. It doesn’t surprise me that I could find some mustache cycling gear, but I was surprised there wasn’t more. After all, we’re talking a natural connection…


Rainbow cycling gear brings some color to your day

The weather outside had just been frightful the last few days. Hey, it’s spring-time in Texas. It’s about what you expect. (Just waiting for the hail and tornados to jump into the mix.) So, of course, I went looking for rainbows. And kind of found some with this rainbow cycling gear. I say kinda because…



Join the republic with some California flag cycling gear

Show off your state pride with a California flag cycling jersey! Or some socks. The state flag features a lot of red, white and green, although the jersey designs come up with some interesting color combinations. Oh, and a big bear ambling along. (I personally find it amusing that there’s a bear on the flag…


Tribal cycling designs get your warrior on

Looking at all those tattoos on football players during the Super Bowl got my mind off in the direction of tribal cycling designs I’ve seen. These are looks that feature the same kind of warrior tattoo designs you see a lot. Some of these are very Maori-styled, so kind of Hawaiian/Pacific Islander with curving blades…


Five ideas for great cycling stocking stuffers

Small, fun and perfect for Christmas? Why, yes. It’s possible to do that. Easily as it turns out. Actually, the hard part was narrowing it down to just a few novelty gear items to suggest. (I fell into a serious black hole shopping around. You can kill a ton of time browsing around cycling websites….