Ride 2 Recovery Cycling Gear


Veteran’s day is coming up next month, and here’s an opportunity to do something in support. Ride 2 Recovery is a rehab program for wounded veterans featuring cycling as its core activity. So we’re talking traditional bikes, as well as those modified to be pedaled by hand (which I saw several of over the summer […]

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Here kitty, kitty – cat cycling accessories


I’ve taken you through a group of cat cycling jerseys, but at the same time, I kept running across cat cycling accessories. Tons of them. Tons and tons. So they had to be broken out into their own post. Cat Cycling Helmets Be prepared for a lot of pink here. A lot of pink. It’s […]

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Be King of the Mountains


We’re in Colorado for the summer, and every time I get my bike up over the crest of a hill, I definitely start to feel like I’m king (or queen, rather) of the mountain. But in this particular case, we’re talking specifically about the King of the Mountains award for the Tour de France. Generally, […]

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Patriotic cycling gear – socks and hats


We’re going from head to toe with some patriotic cycling gear as we head into the fourth. Caps for your head and socks for your feet are great ways to add a little bit of the flag for the holiday. The socks involve the US flag in a couple of different ways. The first few […]

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Girly Cycling Socks


We could do an entire debate today over just what makes something girly. Because, girly is definitely in the eye of the beholder and varies greatly depending on the country you’re in. So, suffice it to say, it’s in the eye of this beholder what made the cut here. So many options for girly cycling […]

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University of Arizona Wildcats Cycling Gear


Grab some Arizona Wildcats cycling gear Given the weather and foothills, the territory around the University of Arizona is prime cycling country. If you have an attachment to the school, show it off with some Wildcat cycling gear. Arizona is one of the few schools with multiple cycling jerseys. Not only can you choose from […]

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Skull cycling accessories


Hard heads all around here with these skull cycling accessories. I tried to stick with plain skulls as the skull and crossbone is a little pirate-y, but it wasn’t always easy to do. So as long as it didn’t just scream “pirate”, I went with it. This all started when I was trying to track […]

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Food Cycling Socks

Yummm! I seriously think there needs to be a banana sock, given that they’re almost the perfect food for after a ride. But burgers and fries work too. (That’s my husband’s after-ride meal every time he goes mountain biking.) In fact, I think this is definitely the category for buying a few pairs and mixing […]

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Christmas cycling socks


Forget Santa for a moment. (Keep it quiet, though. He might be listening.) Let’s talk Christmas cycling socks. I included a couple of pairs with Santa last year, but what about general Christmas designs? There’s a lot of potential here, but not a lot of options. Kind of surprising, really, but then maybe not. It’s […]

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Turkey for Thanksgiving cycling


So we went from nothing last year to two whole Thanksgiving cycling items this year! Whoo hoo! OK, not really much to get that excited about, but still, it’s better than nothing. And perfect if you’re planning to participate in a Thanksgiving race or ride this year. The jersey is from ScudoPro, so there are […]

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