More Super Hero Cycling Jerseys


Let’s wrap up looking at super hero cycling jerseys today, mostly by dropping in on DC Comics characters, which have a smattering of options scattered around the web. While I do adore Iron Man, my favorite comic book heroes are definitely over in this world. We’re talking Superman, The Flash, Batman, Wonder Woman – awesomeness! […]

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Super Hero Cycling Jerseys: Iron Man


Have you tried searching for Iron Man cycling jerseys? (Wait, what am I saying. That’s probably exactly what brought you here!) The second you start typing “iron man” and “cycling”, any search engine seems to assume that you’re talking about the IronMan triathlon. Um, no. Nothing against those folks, but I was thinking something a […]

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Just three crazy shorts


One downside in trying to find interesting designs in cycling shorts is that they typically don’t come in designs. Not unless they’re meant to go with a jersey as part of a kit. And then they aren’t quite so novel because they aren’t be interesting on their own. Instead, what you’ll find on a bike […]

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Look like you just escaped from Alcatraz


Traditional Prisoner Cycling Garb When I was writing about novelty jerseys on another site, by far the most popular item clicked on was this prisoner cycling jersey. By far. No real comments here about why that might be. Maybe they’re all on a prisoner cycling team? Still, this is a pretty sweet design idea, given […]

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