Ride 2 Recovery Cycling Gear


Veteran’s day is coming up next month, and here’s an opportunity to do something in support. Ride 2 Recovery is a rehab program for wounded veterans featuring cycling as its core activity. So we’re talking traditional bikes, as well as those modified to be pedaled by hand (which I saw several of over the summer […]

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University of Arizona Wildcats Cycling Gear


Grab some Arizona Wildcats cycling gear Given the weather and foothills, the territory around the University of Arizona is prime cycling country. If you have an attachment to the school, show it off with some Wildcat cycling gear. Arizona is one of the few schools with multiple cycling jerseys. Not only can you choose from […]

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US Marines Cycling Jerseys


Semper fi, everyone! For some time, Primal Wear has led the way with creating designs for the various US military branches. We’re going to take a quick look at the styles for the US Marines. (Note that 83 Sportswear also has some great designs, including a new red, white and blue one that is to […]

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University of Texas Longhorns Cycling Gear


Hook yourself some ‘horns gear for the bike That University of Texas orange can be found on all kinds of stuff these days. (Heck, I even found it on duct tape!) So no problem finding cycling gear sporting the Longhorns logo on it. Just the thing for fans or UT alumni. There are a couple […]

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Scoping out Scotland cycling gear


Let’s see here. We’ve done England and Wales and Ireland* and Great Britain** as a whole. So our last stop around the island looks to be Scotland cycling gear. The Saltire is the blue and white X and is the proper flag for individuals to show their loyalty and Scottish nationality. There’s also the Royal […]

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Fly the Union Jack with Great Britain cycling gear


So I had this great plan to do a post on England cycling gear. Then realized that like many Americans, I tend to forget there’s a difference between England and Great Britain or the United Kingdom. Doh. I quickly got reminded of that as I started hunting down gear. Because if you start going after […]

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Time to get out your Day of the Dead cycling gear


Happy Day of the Dead, everyone! Do you have your sugar skulls and marigolds ready to go? Tomorrow is just Halloween for many of us here in the US, but for Mexico and other countries around the world, it marks the start of the Day of the Dead celebrations. The designs I’ve tracked down include […]

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Pumpkin cycling gear just in time for Halloween


Halloween is on the way! If you like this particular holiday season, I’ve got a great series of posts for you, starting with pumpkin cycling gear today. Now, I wish I could say there was a jersey for the Great Pumpkin or any number of other pumpkin characters, but alas. Actually, there aren’t even any […]

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Run on plants with vegan cycling


The things you learn on the job. I had no idea there was a vegan athlete movement, much less vegan cycling. I thought the couple of jerseys I had seen were just kind of aberrations, but apparently not. Want to learn more about being a vegan athlete/cyclist? Here are a few resources I ran across […]

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Lighting it up with Tron cycling gear


Right up front, let me just say, I’m making no comment about the recent-ish Tron:Legacy movie. None. Other than to say “yawn”. But it doesn’t matter how lame the movie might have ended up, you can’t argue against how cool the light cycles and suits were. I also ride a motorcycle and would love to […]

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