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France cycling accessories

We looked at French flag cycling jerseys some time back, so now it’s time to turn our attention to some France cycling accessories. All the red, white and blue you could want, in gear you can wear or put on your bike. While one of these has the country crest, most use the fleur de…


Hell of the North – Paris-Roubaix

If you aren’t into cycling competitions, you might have never heard of the Paris–Roubaix road race. It’s just one day, starting north of Paris and ending over on the border with Belgium. It’s been around since 1896 – whoa! – making it one of the oldest races out there. So why is it called Hell of…


Be King of the Mountains

We’re in Colorado for the summer, and every time I get my bike up over the crest of a hill, I definitely start to feel like I’m king (or queen, rather) of the mountain. But in this particular case, we’re talking specifically about the King of the Mountains award for the Tour de France. Generally,…


Valenti Cycling Art

Hmmm. Not sure, but it is it still gear if it’s art? Definitely novel, so we’re going for it! I dearly love the art of Michael Valenti. The warped proportions and perspectives just make for some pretty cool artwork. (I only feel like my legs are that huge after a busy summer of cycling 12…



Welcome to 2015!


Time to line up for college cycling gear

Spring might be around the corner. (Might. Seems like every time it gets the tiniest bit warmer, in blows yet another ice storm.) Which means it’s the time of year when a lot of college cycling clubs are ordering kits for their team members. It’s a good way to get a jersey to support your…


Happy birthday to me

Well, dang it. I’ve got a birthday and I had hoped to share some cool birthday cycling stuff. No such luck, as it turns out. Not even a cake jersey. So I found myself a birthday card instead. One of the best designs I saw over at Zazzle, although there were many others with bikes….