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christmas tree made from green bicycle chain and yellow sprocket

Merry Christmas!

Photo Credit: Richard Masoner / Cyclelicious via Compfight cc



On the Trail: August 24

I swear everyone was cracking out the boring gear over the last couple of weeks. Maybe they’re just all off racing on the weekends and I’m missing them when I’m out. But I’m just not seeing the same numbers of shirts as in the past. The closest thing to “novelty” I saw yesterday was all…


On the Trail: August 11

So nice to be back out on the trail this week, even if it’s still hotter ‘n hell. (Not really. We’re only in the low 100s in the afternoons, right now.) Tons of traffic out there this morning, but not a ton a interesting cycling jerseys to report. Seems like everyone was in their team…


On the Trail: July 28

I could get used to the weather we’ve been having this summer. Sure, we’re moving into another 100-degree week, but it’s only the second so far and I can live with that. Tons of people out on the trail this weekend. I have to say, I greatly appreciate the fact that either people have great…


On The Trail: July 21

Frustrating day out there as I kept seeing cool shirts I’ve never seen before, but then can’t figure out where they came from once I get back to my computer. Need to start working on my u-turns so I can grab people to ask them about their jerseys. (People will start running from that crazy…


On The Trail: July 13

So, what did I find out in the wild this week? I’ve written down everything I could remember (and see!) but there were so many people out on the trail that I’m sure I missed a few. OK, more than a few. When you go blazing past me all bent over on your bike, I…


On The Trail: July 7

We headed out to try a new trail this morning and, well, I’m not entirely sure where all the cyclists were! We passed a pack on the road (like 35+) out training, so maybe in that part of town they just prefer to hit the roads rather than the trails on the weekends. Understandable a…


On The Trail: June 29

Not sure if we just had more people out this morning in the effort to avoid the 100 degree temps that have landed in the area, but tons of jerseys to be seen today. Here’s a recap of what I found in the wild. Or at least remember after getting back home! Smokey The Bear…