Dog cycling jerseys rule

dog cycling

Let’s face it. Dogs rule and cats drool. (Says the woman with the drooly boxer.) So I don’t quite understand why there are so many options for jerseys with cats, but very few with dogs. Seriously. What shows tough competitor better than a Doberman pinscher snarling at the rider behind you? The ones I did […]

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US Air Force Cycling Jerseys


Flying into the wild blue yonder today with some Air Force cycling jerseys. Most of these have matching shorts, so we’re going to just look at the shirts and you can assume there are shorts as well. The wings symbol of the Air Force takes center stage on all of these, mostly as a big […]

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Reptiles, Amphibians and Insects

lizard cycling

Checking out all the creepy crawly creatures here.┬áThe cold-blooded members of the kingdom, as well as a few icky ones. I used to have a few more with snakes, but they keep disappearing. And the ones with spiders (which I know aren’t insects, but whatever.) Turtles Let’s start with the cute ones, shall we? Or […]

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Stone Brewing Company Cycling Jerseys


The Stone Brewing Company uses an image of stone gargoyles as its logo, which makes it pretty distinctive out on the road. Several of the company’s beers have been seen in episodes of Weeds, and the red Arrogant Bastard jersey became a hot ticket after it was seen worn by Peter Gallagher in an episode […]

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US Navy Cycling Jerseys


Anchors away, boys! I’ve got a collection of US Navy jerseys today, most featuring … navy in color and design. The more standard designs tend to be in some form of blue with the word “Navy” across the chest. The newest is the one I like the best, though, with the black and white and […]

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Bird Cycling of All Kinds


Take to the skies with some bird cycling jersey options. Well, mostly to the skies. There are a couple of penguin options here that aren’t getting off the ground any time soon. The designs here range from cute and cartoony to quite elegant. Which means there’s something for everyone, and even everyone in the family […]

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Moving regionally around the US


We tend to divide the US up into definable regions, typically when talking about how things differ across the country, or a desire to travel, or a discussion of weather. So, it didn’t surprise me every to see more regional designs in cycling jerseys along with the various states. For the most part, I would […]

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Seventh Planet Brewing Cycling Jerseys


So, this is a bit of a weird one. The website for Seventh Planet Brewing has been under construction for a couple of years now at least. Trying to even track down that all of these are even their beers was a bit of a challenge, let me tell you. And, one thing I know […]

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Wrapping around these rib cage cycling jerseys


My husband and dad have both taken tumbles mountain biking that had them clutching their sides. No broken ribs, fortunately, but I doubt they were looking as good as the ones on these jerseys! Bones in general are fairly popular design elements for cycling gear, so I’ve been trying to break down the various parts […]

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University of Arizona Wildcats Cycling Gear


Grab some Arizona Wildcats cycling gear Given the weather and foothills, the territory around the University of Arizona is prime cycling country. If you have an attachment to the school, show it off with some Wildcat cycling gear. Arizona is one of the few schools with multiple cycling jerseys. Not only can you choose from […]

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