Montana cycling jerseys and gear


A friend of mine just headed off to Montana. Not the greatest time of year to be there, maybe, but when family calls, you go. But, it got me thinking about how beautiful it is there during the summer months. (OK, the snow is beautiful too, but you can’t bike in it!) So here are […]

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Ride 2 Recovery Cycling Gear


Veteran’s day is coming up next month, and here’s an opportunity to do something in support. Ride 2 Recovery is a rehab program for wounded veterans featuring cycling as its core activity. So we’re talking traditional bikes, as well as those modified to be pedaled by hand (which I saw several of over the summer […]

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International Beer Cycling Jerseys


A quick look here at some beer cycling jerseys with international flair. I’m not even sure if the Samurai one is an international brand since it could be a name used by an American brewery, but it has the right flair for this group. The other three are pretty Mexican-focused – cervezas all around! – […]

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US Military Cycling Jerseys


We’ve looked at several different branches of the military, but there are also several jerseys out there that just kind of generally feature US military designs and styles. Some of these are full of stripes and stars, while others are tributes to specific divisions, branches, fighting fronts or groups. These first four definitely fit the […]

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Hell of the North – Paris-Roubaix


If you aren’t into cycling competitions, you might have never heard of the Paris–Roubaix road race. It’s just one day, starting north of Paris and ending over on the border with Belgium. It’s been around since 1896 – whoa! – making it one of the oldest races out there. So why is it called Hell of […]

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Be King of the Mountains


We’re in Colorado for the summer, and every time I get my bike up over the crest of a hill, I definitely start to feel like I’m king (or queen, rather) of the mountain. But in this particular case, we’re talking specifically about the King of the Mountains award for the Tour de France. Generally, […]

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Marijuana cycling jerseys light up the road


We’re heading back to Colorado soon to enjoy biking in the mountain air. (I say enjoy. For the first couple of weeks, I spend all my rides stopping every 10 minutes trying to catch my breath.) But, back to Colorado. The town we stay in has not just one or two, but three pot shops. […]

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Gallop along with horse cycling jerseys


Whoa! Pause for a moment here and let’s take a look at some horse cycling jerseys, shall we? We’ve covered a lot of other animals to date, so it’s about time for their turn. We’ve pretty much got two options going – cartoony horses and stylized, manly stallion looks. Which struck me as a wee […]

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US Army Cycling Jerseys


Army strong, people. That seems to be the new motto going for this military branch. Lots of black and yellow and camo going on here with these Army cycling jerseys. The camo makes sense; the yellow and black less so. To me, anyway. Let’s start with the strong ones, shall we? There are actually two […]

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Michigan cycling jerseys

michigan cycling

Let’s head up north to the great state of Michigan for a little while. Actually, I went to go look up some things that make the state great before we start looking at Michigan cycling jerseys. Weird and cool facts first. The city of Colon is home to the world’s largest manufacturer of magic supplies. […]

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