Here kitty, kitty – cat cycling accessories


I’ve taken you through a group of cat cycling jerseys, but at the same time, I kept running across cat cycling accessories. Tons of them. Tons and tons. So they had to be broken out into their own post. Cat Cycling Helmets Be prepared for a lot of pink here. A lot of pink. It’s […]

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Take two: skull cycling helmets for kids


We looked at fits for adults a couple of weeks ago, so today we’re on to skull cycling helmets for kids. Way more options for the littler ones, as well as some pretty cool designs. (Even one that isn’t a human skull, so yay!) Dark and Grisly Even if these are for kids, they’re still […]

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Get a hard head with these skull cycling helmets


I might actually be getting close to wrapping up this skull theme. Finally getting around to skull cycling helmets – a logical place for such a design, right? – and I have to admit I’m disappointed none of the ones I found were designed as actual skulls. Maybe too difficult since the distinctive parts are […]

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Skull cycling accessories


Hard heads all around here with these skull cycling accessories. I tried to stick with plain skulls as the skull and crossbone is a little pirate-y, but it wasn’t always easy to do. So as long as it didn’t just scream “pirate”, I went with it. This all started when I was trying to track […]

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All hail the Lion of Flanders!

OK, I will again fess up to American ignorance of many things European. I’ve seen the lion so many times on various English banners that I thought the Lion of Flanders was just another version. I know. Stupid. I know Flanders isn’t English. Anyway, there are connections between the lions (and you should check out […]

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Rainbow cycling gear brings some color to your day


The weather outside had just been frightful the last few days. Hey, it’s spring-time in Texas. It’s about what you expect. (Just waiting for the hail and tornados to jump into the mix.) So, of course, I went looking for rainbows. And kind of found some with this rainbow cycling gear. I say kinda because […]

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Hit the big apple with this New York cycling gear


Tonight, most eyes across the US will be glued on New York City for the dropping of the New Year’s Eve ball at midnight. (OK, glued to their TVs, if you want to be precise.) So I thought we might take a look at what kind of New York cycling gear we could find to […]

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Turn your helmet into a stylish hat with these helmet covers


I’m fascinated by the many ways people find to make a helmet stylish. Or ┬ámore functional in some cases. These helmet covers I tracked down are just a couple of examples of what’s out there. Note that there are a lot of helmets out there with fabric covers and brims that might look like these, […]

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Time to get out your Day of the Dead cycling gear


Happy Day of the Dead, everyone! Do you have your sugar skulls and marigolds ready to go? Tomorrow is just Halloween for many of us here in the US, but for Mexico and other countries around the world, it marks the start of the Day of the Dead celebrations. The designs I’ve tracked down include […]

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Our Favorite Laborer – Rosie the Riveter


Take Rosie the Riveter cycling Happy Labor Day, everyone! Great timing to talk about an iconic labor figure and the huge connection to cycling – Rosie the Riveter. She’s become a general “yes we can” figure for women in a lot of fields and areas, so it’s probably not surprising that they’ve found ways to […]

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