Be King of the Mountains


We’re in Colorado for the summer, and every time I get my bike up over the crest of a hill, I definitely start to feel like I’m king (or queen, rather) of the mountain. But in this particular case, we’re talking specifically about the King of the Mountains award for the Tour de France. Generally, […]

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Patriotic cycling gear – socks and hats


We’re going from head to toe with some patriotic cycling gear as we head into the fourth. Caps for your head and socks for your feet are great ways to add a little bit of the flag for the holiday. The socks involve the US flag in a couple of different ways. The first few […]

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University of Arizona Wildcats Cycling Gear


Grab some Arizona Wildcats cycling gear Given the weather and foothills, the territory around the University of Arizona is prime cycling country. If you have an attachment to the school, show it off with some Wildcat cycling gear. Arizona is one of the few schools with multiple cycling jerseys. Not only can you choose from […]

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University of Texas Longhorns Cycling Gear


Hook yourself some ‘horns gear for the bike That University of Texas orange can be found on all kinds of stuff these days. (Heck, I even found it on duct tape!) So no problem finding cycling gear sporting the Longhorns logo on it. Just the thing for fans or UT alumni. There are a couple […]

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UCLA Bruins Cycling Gear


Show your Bruin pride while cycling Calling all Bruins! If you bleed blue and gold, you’re a serious UCLA fan. And if you love to get out on your bicycle, think about adding some UCLA cycling gear to your cycling wardrobe. You can pick up a Bruins cycling jersey or even one for mountain biking. […]

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Looking hip with mustache cycling gear


I’ve been playing with mustache decor over on another blog and thought I should take a poke around to see what you can get in cycling gear as well. It doesn’t surprise me that I could find some mustache cycling gear, but I was surprised there wasn’t more. After all, we’re talking a natural connection […]

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Hit the big apple with this New York cycling gear


Tonight, most eyes across the US will be glued on New York City for the dropping of the New Year’s Eve ball at midnight. (OK, glued to their TVs, if you want to be precise.) So I thought we might take a look at what kind of New York cycling gear we could find to […]

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Eh? Let’s do a little Canada cycling


It finally has gotten cold here in Dallas. (Should last a week or so.) Which of course has me thinking about cycling in cold places. Like Canada. If that’s your home or you just have an affinity for our neighbor to the north, you’re in luck when it comes to cycling gear. Sheesh, but there’s […]

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Heading out on Route 66


Ready to hit the road? The nostalgic road, that is. We’re heading out down Route 66 today. There’s a romantic notion to the idea of riding down Route 66. (It runs past where my in-laws live, so I can tell you there is often nothing┬áspecial about it in reality.) Still, some of the designs here […]

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Turn your helmet into a stylish hat with these helmet covers


I’m fascinated by the many ways people find to make a helmet stylish. Or ┬ámore functional in some cases. These helmet covers I tracked down are just a couple of examples of what’s out there. Note that there are a lot of helmets out there with fabric covers and brims that might look like these, […]

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