Have some fun with bright wheel lights

Back when I was researching options for stocking stuffers, I ran across some fun wheel lights. Which could have been great stuffers, but I was only looking for five and they didn’t make the cut. In part, because I thought they deserved their own post.

These are lights that can make you more visible at night, but mostly are meant for the fun of all the bright happy colors. Don’t count on them as your only safety lights, OK? They aren’t going to help you see the path ahead and might not be as visible from behind as you need. (End safety lecture.)

These basically come in two different versions – those that attach to the spokes and those that attach to the valve stem. The later can run about half the price of the spoke versions, but none of them are that expensive, really. Which makes them a great gift idea for kids. Oh, you also tend to have two choices as far as colors go – rainbow or a single color. Some of the rainbow ones for the spokes even come with a rotating set of patterns.

I’ve picked out a few of my favorites and/or great values of each kind here.

Spoke Wheel Lights

Let’s start with the kinds of lights that attach directly to the spokes. Advantage here is that you can get a pattern going over the entire inside area of the wheel. Downside is that they tend to be a little heavier. Which may not matter if you’re actually wanting something like these.

The first is an LED message light I found over at Kmart.com. It has 14 LEDs in it that can not only do cool colors, but also display a message. Sorry, you don’t get to do your own message, which is sad because the messages are fun, but overly girly – hello, I love you, peace, gogo and bike. The whole thing is waterproof, can go on the front or back wheel and changes pattern every three seconds. Two good things – it has a sleep mode and automatic shut-off for when the wheel stops and runs on nice normal AAA batteries.

The little See’Ems lights over at ThinkGeek don’t get quite as fancy, but they’re also cheap and easy to do. You get a pack of two 1″ circles that just snap right onto the spoke where ever you like. They come in amber, blue, green, purple, red, and uber rainbow and work with oval, rounded and bladed spoke shapes.

A little similar to the first one is the Xtreme Light Up Bike Effects module, which shows 12 LED images, including a speedometer mode that shows you actual speed. To everyone but you, of course. Simple and effective. Unlike the first one, though, it only has 12 images instead of the five phrases and 40 patterns.

The rainbow version of the LED Wheel Spoke Light I found at LightInTheBox is super cheap. Kind of looks like a moon and stars when it’s not spinning around. Downside is it only puts color around the outside of the wheel. Upside is it’s inexpensive and comes in different colors so get a few of them.

Docooler does a lot of bike wheel lights of all kinds. I’ve got an LED 32-pattern one here that has some waterproofing. It uses four colors that show on either side of the bike and makes 32 different patterns. It comes with a light and motion sensor, allowing it to flash only in the dark and when you’re moving.

LED Bike Spoke Message Light - 14 LED See'Ems - Mini LED Bicycles Spoke Lights Xtreme Light Up Bike Effects Bicycle LED Wheel Spoke Light 1pcs Colorful Spoke Wheel Lights

Valve Cap Wheel Lights

Even simpler to install are lights that substitute for valve caps. And possibly easier to lose or have go missing. But still, super cool with little effort.

The first ones I picked out are cool because they have five LEDs of different shades in them. Which is grand, but what makes the really snazzy is the seven different flashing mode options that can give you a different pattern of color every time you ride. They do run with button batteries, which aren’t the easiest to track down or replace. Maybe just getting another set would be a better idea!

The ones from DoCooler take the bit a little further. Theirs have 11 LEDs in them in purple, blue, green and red and can make 12 different flower patterns. Yowsers. They also have built-in light and motion sensors so they only activate when you’re moving and it’s dark enough. Button batteries again, but this is nice – you’ll only get the red light shining when the battery runs low. Gives you time to track down a new one.

I had to add the Pellor because they make such cool stripes. Just five LEDS in them, but they do have seven different modes. Oh, waterproof, shock proof and a manual switch. Nice.

Valve Cap Wheel Lights   Valve Cap Wheel Lights   Valve Cap Wheel Lights

More, More, More

So many, many, many more choices out there. After a while, you start to notice the ways in which all these differ. Some limit the number of LEDs, some the number of colors, some the number of patterns. And all vary in cost as a result, of course. So just to give you choices that didn’t make my cut, here’s a further short list to consider.

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