Throne saddles make you road royalty


thrones saddles all five designsI’ve been in the market for a new saddle, and while I was looking for something with a bit more function than form, the saddles from Australian company Thrones caught my eye for managing to capture both.

These are some serious performance bike seats – designed by guys who were after all kinds of factors like lightness and no stitching and flexible riding positions for all phases of a race. But what I care about is the way they look. Which is totally awesome.

Now, given that for the most part saddles come in black and sometimes white with some brown leather thrown in for good measure, it’s not tough to make a saddle stand out on looks alone. These go whole hog on the looks, though. No lame splash of flame or tiny pinstripe down the side. These are full out novelty designs for sure. We’ve got the King of the Alps, a fighter pilot, Hell-Ride brewery lager and one I would totally call the Mach 5 if it wouldn’t violate trademarks. At least, those were the ones I was able to find that you could order in the US.

thrones bike saddle king of the alps red and white polka dotthrones bike saddle fighter pilot brown with red and whitethrones bike saddle beer seat white with hell rider lager logothrones bike saddle speed demon white with red racing stripes and number 1

This company is from Australia, so you can’t find them just anywhere in the US. Ran across them at Amazon, so that’s where all these links go. That said, they don’t have all of them at Amazon. They carry five, although one is fairly solid black, so not very novelty there, is it? The three I couldn’t find here were the yellow Flanders, Evil Kenevil looking one and the rainbow striped one. Which was my favorite, of course.

(Oh, what did I end up with? The imminently practical but boring black Serfas RX-922. First ride of 14 miles and way better than the stock Trek seat. But still boring.)

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