Scoping out some skull bike accessories

Strap your helmet tight because we’re after skull bike accessories today. And there are a ton, so you need to be ready for the ride.

We’ve taken a look at accessories and jerseys to add skulls to your body. But now, we’re looking at the things you can add to your actual bike.

Skull Valve Caps

We could be at this a while if I tried to show you everything you can get just in valve caps. Whew. So many skulls!

You’re basically going to find one of two things when you start looking – plain skulls and lighted skulls. I’ve picked out a couple that are just skulls (no crossbones) from Trick Topz that work for Schrader valves. The ones on Amazon come in black or white, while I did find some silver/chrome ones over at Performance Bike.

I’ve got two sets of lighted valves for your consideration. The Insten set uses a long life-span LED and works on standard tube valves. They’re made of silicone and water resistant. It uses AG10 batteries, although I’m not sure if you can replace them. The Kikkerland set doesn’t allow for that, unfortunately. Both sets are motion activated, so they come on automatically once you start moving.

Trick Topz Skull Valve Cap

Skull Bike Bells and Horns

I know kids aren’t the only ones who put bells on their bikes – very handy safety measure if you ride on seriously windy trails at high speeds. When you start looking, though, Amazon pulls up a ton on Harley bells rather than just the kind you’d put on a bicycle. I’ve only included a couple bike bells below, but there were a ton more of the metal kind with the little lever available.

Skull Lights and Reflectors

Now we’re talking safety rather than just style, but you don’t need to ever be planning a night ride to find these worth adding. The skull part is just a bonus!

The first one shoots laser beams out of its eyes. Sort of. The eye sockets are red and do glow. They run off regular AAA batteries – bonus – and can have a steady red beam or flash with the laser. The regular LED lights have seven modes with various flashing sets. I found the 1 LED blinder light over at BikeSomewhere. It comes with different faceplates for those days you might not be feeling up to skulls.

The little mini skull is made of silicon and easily fits around the handlebar of the bike. No need for any tools to attach. I found it in black or a white/pink combo at, but a Kirkkland version at Amazon comes in your choice of black, blue, white or red. (There were some other options that included those colors as well as yellow, but you didn’t have a choice as to which you got.)

The last one is a seriously big tail light with great light for safety. It’s battery-operated and clamps to your bike frame. The laser light projects to either side of the bike to set a visual bike lane for you. They claim the light is visible over a mile away, and maybe that would be the case since it uses lasers and LEDs.

And Yet Still More Skulls

Just to finish off the rest of your bike, we have a few things you might never have expected – like a rotor! – along with cool versions of things you might expect such as seats and grips.

The seat cover is pretty prosaic, but the BMX seat is cool. You can choose from red, black and white options, each with a slightly different design. I love the DirtyDog items as well – cable guides and that rotor. Too cool.

Grips are an easy one, but not always easy to identify which ones are right for a bicycle. The Roswheel ones are definitely bike appropriate and come in green, blue or red. I also tracked down some simpler ones in straight black from Origin-8. But my favorites are definitely the Lowrider ones. The sets have 3D skulls on the ends, but the grip part come in lots of different cool colors and designs. Just keep in mind that even though they say bike grips, given the description, I think we might be talking about motorcycle grips in reality. You can use them on a bicycle, but you’ll need two sets since motorcycle grips come with two different sizes in a set.

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