Wrapping around these rib cage cycling jerseys

My husband and dad have both taken tumbles mountain biking that had them clutching their sides. No broken ribs, fortunately, but I doubt they were looking as good as the ones on these jerseys! Bones in general are fairly popular design elements for cycling gear, so I’ve been trying to break down the various parts…


University of Arizona Wildcats Cycling Gear

Grab some Arizona Wildcats cycling gear Given the weather and foothills, the territory around the University of Arizona is prime cycling country. If you have an attachment to the school, show it off with some Wildcat cycling gear. Arizona is one of the few schools with multiple cycling jerseys. Not only can you choose from…


US Marines Cycling Jerseys

Semper fi, everyone! For some time, Primal Wear has led the way with creating designs for the various US military branches. We’re going to take a quick look at the styles for the US Marines. (Note that 83 Sportswear also has some great designs, including a new red, white and blue one that is to…


buXsbaum Cycling Tees

Being a design geek, I love the super simple lines of a good icon. It’s a lot to communicate in a tiny space and it has to be really clear. These aren’t exactly tiny. OK, not tiny at all – they take up the entire space of your chest – but the cycling icons on…



Moooo-ve over for these cow cycling jerseys

Let’s take a turn over toward animals today. Specifically cows. Because cows and bicycles – perfect match, right? Look how happy that cow looks on her bike with the green basket! It used to be a little easier to find cow print in a jersey, which is what most people think of first, but these…



Skull cycling accessories

Hard heads all around here with these skull cycling accessories. I tried to stick with plain skulls as the skull and crossbone is a little pirate-y, but it wasn’t always easy to do. So as long as it didn’t just scream “pirate”, I went with it. This all started when I was trying to track…



Welcome to 2015!


University of Texas Longhorns Cycling Gear

Hook yourself some ‘horns gear for the bike That University of Texas orange can be found on all kinds of stuff these days. (Heck, I even found it on duct tape!) So no problem finding cycling gear sporting the Longhorns logo on it. Just the thing for fans or UT alumni. There are a couple…

Food Cycling Socks

Yummm! I seriously think there needs to be a banana sock, given that they’re almost the perfect food for after a ride. But burgers and fries work too. (That’s my husband’s after-ride meal every time he goes mountain biking.) In fact, I think this is definitely the category for buying a few pairs and mixing…


University of Florida Gators Cycling Gear

Snag some toothy designs for the bike Former or current Florida Gator? Avid cyclist? Well, you’re in luck! There are a lot of great options that allow you to show your school pride while you ride. There’s a cool Florida cycling jersey featuring the Gator logo on the chest. Or maybe you need a mountain…