Primal Wear tees for style off the bike

Primal Wear is a fairly prominent brand name in cycling gear, especially with novelty stuff like I feature on this site. They have some of the big band and beer names among the items they produce, as well as just some super cool designs. So let’s see what they have to offer by way of…



Christmas cycling socks

Forget Santa for a moment. (Keep it quiet, though. He might be listening.) Let’s talk Christmas cycling socks. I included a couple of pairs with Santa last year, but what about general Christmas designs? There’s a lot of potential here, but not a lot of options. Kind of surprising, really, but then maybe not. It’s…


Alaska Cycling

As you might expect, a lot of snow-covered peaks featured in these Alaska cycling jersey designs. But also wildflowers and sunshine, as well as wild animals. There used to be one even with a salmon on it! Alaska Landscape Cycling Jerseys Landscapes are certainly the dominant design element to be found here. Which makes sense….


Turkey for Thanksgiving cycling

So we went from nothing last year to two whole Thanksgiving cycling items this year! Whoo hoo! OK, not really much to get that excited about, but still, it’s better than nothing. And perfect if you’re planning to participate in a Thanksgiving race or ride this year. The jersey is from ScudoPro, so there are…


Missouri Cycling Jerseys

So, Missouri is the “show me” state, so how about I show you some Missouri cycling jerseys? Ha! I slay me. Anyway, I actually have never found a lot for Missouri, and all of it is red, white and blue with the state seal incorporated in some fashion. Not exactly super stylish or fun, but…



Speed Racer Cycling Jerseys

Go, Speed Racer!! Which is whom I feel like when I go zipping down hills in Colorado or central Texas. You can really pick up some speed down some of those. (Fun until you remember you have to go back up!) Anyway, one of the standard cartoon jerseys out there that’s been around for a…


University of Iowa Hawkeyes Cycling Gear

Hit the road for some sports fan biking You a University of Iowa grad? Or just a big fan of the Hawkeyes? Well, you’re in luck if you’re also into cycling. Iowa is one of the few schools that has a full complement of bike apparel from head to toe. Not many choices from head…


Bristol Brewing Beers Cycling Jerseys

Back to Colorado for this particular line of beers! These guys produce the Laughing Lab line, not to be confused with the Lucky Labrador brewery, whose jerseys are below. I really wish they’d do a jersey based on the Beehive honey wheat beer. Great design for a woman’s jersey, guys!. Primal Wear Compass IPA India…



Boo! Time for Halloween socks

It’s that time of year again. When you might want to see ghosts and ghouls and goblins about. Especially on your cycling gear. Whether you’re riding in a holiday event or just want a little fun, one quick, easy and inexpensive way to do so is with Halloween socks. Get a couple of pairs, even,…


Texas Tech University Red Raiders Cycling Gear

Show your Red Raider cycling pride Red Raider fan or Texas Tech alumnus? (Or maybe red is just your color.) Either way, you can show your school pride with some Texas Tech University cycling gear. As part of Adrenaline’s line of jerseys, you can get a short-sleeved Red Raiders cycling jersey or a long-sleeved mountain…