Moab Brewery Cycling Jerseys

Oh, I so wish these guys had a jersey for their Dead Horse Ale. That would be awesome! It’s their most popular brew, so it’s kind of surprising they don’t. (Or maybe their Beehive Brew root beer?) They have recently released new jerseys for some of their other brews. The Moab Especial would be perfect…



UCLA Bruins Cycling Gear

Show your Bruin pride while cycling Calling all Bruins! If you bleed blue and gold, you’re a serious UCLA fan. And if you love to get out on your bicycle, think about adding some UCLA cycling gear to your cycling wardrobe. You can pick up a Bruins cycling jersey or even one for mountain biking….


Sesame Street cycling jerseys make a comeback

Yay, yay, yay!!! I can finally tell you how to get to Sesame Street again! Been waiting for this day for a long, long time. (Can you see my happy dance?) Brainstorm Gear has been going gang-busters with the pop culture designs and just released some Sesame Street cycling jerseys. And they are lovely. And…


Gumby Cycling Jersey

When Retro Art went under after the founder’s death, I despaired that we were going to lose a lot of cool jerseys. Brainstorm Gear has gotten a few of the licensing deals, but in general, it seems like some gear just had plenty of inventory to see us through. Like the adorable Gumby cycling jersey….


Scoping out Scotland cycling gear

Let’s see here. We’ve done England and Wales and Ireland* and Great Britain** as a whole. So our last stop around the island looks to be Scotland cycling gear. The Saltire is the blue and white X and is the proper flag for individuals to show their loyalty and Scottish nationality. There’s also the Royal…


Rubik’s cube cycling jersey

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!!!! Moving to the top of the cool list? A Rubik’s cube cycling jersey! It was a one-of-a-kind puzzle with only one solution. And apparently, only one cycling jersey. Summit Different in the UK has recently released this guy covered in the brightly colored squares from the cube, part of the…



California cycling jerseys that hit the beach

As you might expect, we have beaches and palm trees and all things sunshine for on California cycling jerseys. Lots of blue and yellow in the colors as well. Thanks to the use of landscapes and nature elements, these guys are a lot more colorful and a lot less threatening than some of the jerseys…


Tour de France t-shirts

The Tour De France ends this weekend, and someone will be coming home with a nice souvenir. If you’ve been following closely on TV or biking sites, you can still look like you were there with one of these cool Tour de France t-shirts. 2014 Specific Shirts So this particular group is pretty specific to…


Using our heads to find skull cycling jerseys

Well, we’ve seen skulls popping up before with Day of the Dead and pirate jerseys. But this is such a rich design area that it definitely has to have its own dedicated list. In fact, skulls are so popular as a design element, I almost had to split this one up even further. Definitely be…


Grab a cold one with Boulder Beer cycling jerseys

I’m sitting in a freezing hotel room as we’re on our way up to spend a couple of months in Colorado. (Appropriately for the room to be freezing since the whole point of this trip – other than the mountain biking – is to escape the heat!) So, of course, I’ve been looking into beer…